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  • Call me Anna

    Call me Anna

    Kinky girl with a love for taboo erotica. I write mostly about hotwives and MILFs. Follow for the spice.

  • Frédéric Bagutti

    Frédéric Bagutti

    Exploring beneath the surface of leadership. Organizational Psychologist, MSc, DESS Geneva University, EMCCC INSEAD

  • Aaron Berry

    Aaron Berry

    Software Engineer working in Data Engineer and DevOps. Tinkering with anything automation, containers and servers in the cloud.

  • Cohenadam


    Middle East, justice, human rights, religious freedom, international relations & politics. Follow me, and together, let us end tyranny.

  • Oyewumi Oyeyemi Taiwo

    Oyewumi Oyeyemi Taiwo

    Oyewumi Oyeyemi T. is a proud Nigerian who sees people from every where world wide as one and believe in holistic evaluation of issues.

  • Maryssa Anne Krieger

    Maryssa Anne Krieger

    I’m a poet, empath, trauma survivor, and lifelong oddball. I’ll cheer you up, bum you out, make you laugh. Thank you for reading me! MaryssaAnne@protonmail.com

  • Markus Arikan

    Markus Arikan

  • Ginger Cook

    Ginger Cook

    Top Writer in Sports. I also write about family, music, travel, food, and humor. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg-4TXWV6SqJvuC1YOtBrrA

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