The Concrete Advantages of Inefficiency

Taking the Scenic Route to Success

Fabio Turel
4 min readSep 15

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Today, we’ll be praising inefficiency instead. How does it make sense?

Let’s see how inefficiency, when strategically embraced, can have surprising merits.

Inefficiency at work

Politics: The Inherent Virtue of Democracy

In our fast-paced world that often extols efficiency, the notion of celebrating inefficiency in politics might sound like an anomaly. However, beneath the surface, there lies a profound truth: democracy, despite its inherent inefficiencies, is a bedrock of freedom and accountability.

At its core, democracy is a process of deliberation, debate, and decision-making that can be painstakingly slow. It involves checks and balances, multiple layers of governance, and a cacophony of voices. In essence, it’s intrinsically inefficient, but it is precisely this inefficiency that safeguards against the abuse of power.

Consider the alternative: dictatorships, known for their ruthless efficiency in stifling opposition and quashing dissent. In such regimes, inefficiency is non-existent because there’s no need to engage in the messy business of political discourse and negotiation. However, the absence of inefficiency here also means the absence of democracy, individual rights, and the protection of minority voices.

Democracy’s inefficiencies, from the lengthy legislative processes to the checks and balances that slow down decision-making, serve as bulwarks against authoritarianism. They ensure that power is not concentrated in the hands of a single entity but is dispersed among elected representatives who are accountable to the people.

In this light, inefficiency in politics becomes a virtue, a vital component of the democratic process that prevents the concentration of power and upholds the principles of liberty, justice, and equality. While it may sometimes test our patience, it ultimately safeguards our freedoms and the values we hold dear.

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